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We are a team of experienced engineers, talented designers, and ambitious managers
developing solutions with blockchain technology.


White-Label Crowdfunding Platforms

Regulation-friendly, compatible with KYC/AML rules.
Providing regulation-friendly tailor-made platform solutions on various crowdfunding models.

Investment Management Platforms

Handle your company's investments efficiently. We provide a management platform to raise funds, make investments, and trace all these activities easily.

Secondary Market

Various solutions for different regulations.

  • Trading Platform Matching Engine
  • P2P Secondary Market
  • Security Token Plug-In for MetaTrader owners

Crypto AML

Detecting and preventing illicit activity in crypto markets with the risk-based approach to avoid your company from crypto-related sanctions.

Crypto Compliance

Is your company ready for crypto-related sanctions compliance? As a RegTech company, we are ready to help.

Blockchain Consulting

We support you throughout the entire process of integration and adaptation of blockchain technology into your existing company network with our blockchain experts.

Digitization of Securities

Increasing company liquidity and facilitate access to financial sources by digitizing securities, dividends, rights as a security token.


Focus on creating decentralized IoT infrastructure solutions that utilize emerging technologies such as LPWANs (LoRa, Sigfox, and NB-IoT), decentralized file systems (IPFS, Swarm) and blockchain solutions. (Ethereum, Hyperledger, Stellar, etc.)


Minimize energy losses and increase the overall efficiency of your assets maximizing the return on investment by way of blockchain technology.

New Generation Crowdfunding Tools​

Providing White-Label Crowdfunding Platforms specialized for each company’s need which is as attentive as tailor-made solutions.

The structure and format of each page of each platform can be individually designed according to the relevant requirements and specifications.

Support you with regulations’ expectations; our platform solution meets the requirements of regulation and is brought to the appropriate status in a short time for license applications.

Safe Stamp in Cryptosphere!

Building one of the most advanced and complementary Anti Money Laundering product. Our product will establish a clear communication channel landscape between financial authorities and VASPs (Virtual Asset Service Provider).

Developing a platform that is fully integrated with regulators and tracking transfers and users across exchanges.


Simplifies the transaction and transfer of crowdfunding securities, and therefore facilitates their circulation.

Enables P2P transactions between investors and entrepreneurs, and solves the problems of regulatory compliance and security fund management.

Digitization of equity eliminates paper documents, reduces labor costs, and enhances the efficiency of equity transaction and transfer.


Blockchain Turkey Platform celebrated its first anniversary in Istanbul

Our Co-founder Kazım Rıfat Özyılmaz was one of the panelists telling about our White label Crowdfunding Platform and Cryptocurrency Anti Money Laundering Solutions. We are glad to be part of this amazing organization.


XYZ Technology CEO and Co-founder Emre Corak participated in the ‘Fintech World as an Entrepreneur and Investor Perspective’ conference

In conference that held by Istanbul Bar Association and Banking Commission in Bahçeşehir University, we talked about the development of fintech companies, investment criteria, blockchain technology and uses of fintech from the investors’ perspective.
Mr. Çorak also acclaimed the solutions AML software for the VASPs and Crowdfunding platforms developed by XYZ Technology.

XYZ Technology meet with the Central Bank of Bahrain to get valuable insights about crypto regulations

It was an honor for us to meet with the Central Bank of Bahrain. Our Co-Founder Kazım Rıfat Özyılmaz and B.D. Director Ayşegül Şensoy attended a meeting with the licensing team of CBB. We talked about Blockchain applications and adaptations in GCC. A Regulatory Sandbox is operating in Bahrain, one of CBB’s initiatives is allowing start-ups, FinTech firms, and licensees to provide innovative banking and financial solutions.



Finance and blockchain are two core competencies of XYZ Tech. Besides our experience in emerging distributed ledger technologies and cryptocurrency systems, XYZ Tech founders have vast experience in traditional finance, cross-border payments and ‘Know Your Customer (KYC)’ , ‘Anti Money Laundering (AML)’ practices.

We possess a deep level of understanding by combining strategy, technology, data science, and design to solve the most complex challenges in a business and financial environment.


Our ambition as a company is to always be at the forefront of knowledge in digital transformation thanks to our knowledge and interest in blockchain technology which we believe is the next-generation internet.


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